Daily life

Lectio Divina and Personal Prayer

The Sisters include times for the prayerful reading of Scripture and other spiritual texts as well as times of private prayer during their day, as their personal timetables allow.

Spiritual life

While the Sisters as free to arrange their own personal retreats and quiet days throughout the year, they also undertake an annual Community Retreat or Pilgrimage. Each Sister meets regularly with her Spiritual Director.

Our Daily Offices

7.00am    Lauds 

7.15am    Prime

7.45am   Mass

9.15am    Terce

12.45am   Sext

5.00pm    Vespers

9.00pm    Compline

Free time

A balanced life also includes rest and recreation and the Sisters have a regular weekly 'rest day' (Monday). They also take 'time out' for annual holidays and for visiting family and friends.

Being creative

Each Sister has her own preferred leisure activity such as reading, walking, gardening, jam making or creative crafts.