"Any guest who arrives at the monastery should be received just as we would receive Christ himself...." The Rule of Benedict

Hospitality, alongside that of being a prayerful presence, is part of the charism of OCMM and we a very happy to welcome guests to the house.


Modern life is most often lived at 'high speed' with little time for rest and reflection. Although our house is too small to accommodate residential guests we do have the facilities to welcome individuals or small groups (2-6) for Quiet Days or shorter periods of rest and quiet. Please contact the Sisters if you would like to arrange a visit.



We host regular 'open house' events at various times throughout the year; times when we share fellowship with friends and neighbours - tea, coffee, cakes, biscuits and chatting are on 'tap' for folk to share on a 'come and go as you please' basis. 


Our garden is most definitely a 'work in progress' and will never win any awards in a 'best kept' competition; nevertheless it remains a quiet and prayerful space in our house and we are always please to share it with others. If you would like to spend an hour or two just relaxing here we'd love to have you. Please contact the Sisters if you would like to arrange a time to visit.